Degrowth – A political theory for the 21st century


As a society we face a plurality of crises. Increasing resource depletion, ecological decline and economic crises as well as inequality are challenging the current economic paradigm, which is based on economic growth.
A concrete proposal for a better world has emerged in the Degrowth and Transition Town movement. These movements strive for a society that is ecologically sustainable, socially just and quite frankly more fun.

This event will be introductory. It will present the concept of Degrowth to those who have not yet engaged with it but are interested in knowing what it’s all about.

Afterwards there will be the opportunity to drink a beer or play a boardgame.


10th of February, 7 pm at Tafelstraat 13


TAG theme evening – Degrowth and Anarchy


What are the links between the current growth economy and the liberal democratic system? In how far does an economic transition depend on the political system? What are options of societal organisation – and which is the political system best suited for a degrowth economy? If a different political order is necessary for a degrowth economy – what does that mean for us, our daily life and our activism?

Transition Action Group Maastricht invites you to its third Theme Evening on the limits to economic growth. On the transition to a degrowth economy. And on the political changes that are necessary for a new economy.

A bachelor’s thesis was written just in preparation for this evening! So now it’s up to you to add your perspectives, ideas and dreams to create a lively debate that can encourage us to start acting together. Let’s take our dreams seriously and start changing this world!

Come to our Theme Evening on Monday, 12 January, 19:15pm, room to be announced. Please send us a message if you intend to attend. Bring a friend.

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