About us


The status quo

The current economic paradigm with its unquestioned belief in infinite economic growth claims to achieve development, wealth and employment for all. However it creates and perpetuates inequalities, exploitation, self-interested profit seeking, leads to devastating societal, democratic, psychological and financial crises and unprecedented environmental degradation.

Our mission

The aim of the Transition Action Group Maastricht (TAG) is to foster the development of a new economy that abandons the growth paradigm and evolves around cooperation and sharing. This new economy is one that revalues the care-sector, strengthens local economies and builds community- and individual resilience while respecting planetary bounderies. TAG Maastricht will promote this aims by, among others, learning and teaching skills, creating sustainable livelihoods, and engaging in and shaping an alternative economic discourse through education and self-empowering discussion .

Our vision

We intend to do this in an inclusive, deeply democratic and action-focused way that sets its focus on the place we live in and the people we share our city, Maastricht, with. At the same time, we are open to cooperation with the regional and global community and identify ourselves as part of a larger transition and Degrowth movement.